Cape Reserve Does Dallas!

If there’s 2 things you should know about Cape Reserve, its that everything great about our company is because of our client and their broker, and most importantly, our team. As you continue to read this blog, in an awe of our wit and writing ability (haha kidding), we hope that our gratitude and deep appreciation for these 2 groups of people are apparent,as none of this would be without them!

At the end of July, 16 of our Cape Reserve Management, Human Resources and Marketing/Sales team made their way from Tennessee to Texas for a nationally held conference on behalf of our client’s broker! We knew from emails and previous conferences that our team was in for a treat, but the 3 day conference and Dallas weekend we experienced was one for the books.

We arrived in our cowboy boots, but saw not a horse in sight! HA – did we get you?! We were in suits all weekend people, come on! We spent our entire Friday socializing over happy hour and drinks with old friends and networking with new. Seeing as how our client has representation from coast to coast, we mingled and met Texas, Californians, New Yorkers and more. We even found a baby and might have gotten momentarily distracted (but just for 5 minutes, we swear)!

Saturday was a WHIRLWIND of events, ranging from motivational meetings, executive level coaching, leadership development breakouts and awards recognition! Our team members, separated by their experience within the industry, received personalized coaching aimed at helped them develop into the next phase of their career and assume more leadership roles for our client.

We saw top Corporate Trainer, Philip Fisher, recognized for being in the top 5 of sales representatives ALL across the country  and our CEO, Justin, recognized in front of 2000 people for overseeing a top branch office on behalf of our client! Knowing that we are represented by such strong examples of hard work, character and determination reminded us why we love working in a business based on merit and performance.

The night continued with an EPIC dinner and red carpet fashion show, hence the mood lighting and photo booth fun! If there’s one thing you should know about our client, it’s that they know how to have a good time and reward us for our year round performance…and we don’t mind working hard for 3 course dinners, open bars and rented out nightclubs for us (yes, our client did all of these this weekend)!

As sad as we were to wrap up our weekend and head back home, we were reinvigorated to know that this conference is going to be one of hundreds over our years working with Cape Reserve. To know that they will just keep getting bigger and our team will continue getting better, brings us great joy and anticipation. Soooo…we think it’s time to start the countdown to the next event in Las Vegas NOW! 55 DAYS, PEOPLE!