Style & Success: Jamal’s Promotion To Junior Partner

Would you believe it if we told you that Cape Reserve’s newly promoted Manager, Jamal, was destined for success since he was a year old? (just look at what a stud he was in the baby picture below)! Whether you believe that people are natural born leaders or not, there is no question that Jamal is special and always has been. And it is with great pride that we announce, in 7 short months of starting with our firm, that Jamal has received one of our company’s highest promotions; that of Junior Partner.

A native of Jackson and then Hendersonville, TN, Jamal grew up a product of hard working parents and humble beginnings. He speaks with such gratitude of his mom and dad, contributing the way they raised and coached him to his recent successes. Learning both the beauty of hard work from his father and perseverance from his mother, Jamal recalls lessons learned from shingling roofs and laying carpet as great character building moments.

After deciding to attend the University of Knoxville for Nursing, Jamal concluded within 2 years of studies that a career path working in a hospital wasn’t for him. He quickly transferred to study Sports Management and Marketing, utilizing both his love for athletics and people. Working as a marketing intern for the Athletic Department at UT, Jamal was a natural when it came to the fast paced environment and challenge of the industry. He sought a full-time internship for his last semester in college and began employment with Cape Reserve in March 2016; a decision that would come to impact the rest of his professional life.

As a key component in the formative months of Cape Reserve’s creation, Jamal became a go-to resource for his wealth of knowledge about Knoxville, training and relationship building. He quickly assumed leadership roles within our firm after his graduation in May and flourished under the coaching of his mentor and CEO, Justin. Learning the art of exceeding client expectations, training, interviewing, and coaching came with ease to Jamal, as we say he is the perfect dose of confidence and humility!

As a new manager for our client, Jamal will now begin to learn more operations within our firm including payroll, basic finances for small businesses, client reports and tracking and human resources. With rapid expansion always at the forefront of our client’s minds, Jamal is projected to help oversee a new office location for Cape Reserve by March 2017; his 23rd birthday month. With dreams of moving to Texas, Florida, Ohio or Kansas, Jamal is an open book to wherever our client’s needs are in the Spring. What he does know is this; there is no substitute for hard work and as Michael Jordan says “…I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

In his spare time, Jamal can be found cheering on his beloved Vols, golfing, working out with his significant other and pup or watching the newest movie to hit theaters! His focus on self-improvement, whether it’s by staying healthy physically or mentally, (he wakes up at 5 am to work out and is currently reading Relentless by Tim Grover) is so impressive to us and reminds us that success knows no age – only style, character and work ethic.

Jamal, our friend, if you’re reading this congratulations to you on this accomplishment. We beam with pride when we write about you and want to express our gratitude at having you as a pillar here at Cape Reserve. The best is yet to come and we cannot wait to see all of the beautiful places that our business takes you!