Awards on Awards on Awards: A Recap Of Our National Conference

At Cape Reserve (now located in Nashville, TN) excellence is not an idea or an objective we strive for – it’s a part of our culture. We play to win in everything we do and accordingly run a high performing, nationally recognized marketing & sales firm. Upon our founding in March of 2016, many believed that the city of Knoxville was too small to support the size of business that we looked to grow into. They stated that the recruitment and/or customer base was in short supply and we were better off in a bigger city, but those limiting beliefs didn’t stop us from setting unprecedented records for our client our first 15 months in business. In fact, they fueled us to run an organization that was recently recognized at our client broker’s annual conference for 5 of the most prestigious awards known in the direct marketing/sales industry.

The awards, which were the first to all be won by a small business within its first 12 months, were as follows:

Million Dollar Club

The million dollar club is just what it sounds like! In order to become a member of this club, a business must generate over 1 million dollars in sales in a year for our telecommunications client, AT&T. Last year Cape Reserve increased our client’s revenue by several million dollars in the form of new customers and residuals, which in turn earned the business over $1.4 M in profit.  Not bad for our first year in business! Our goal for 2017 is to double that number and stay in the club for many years to come.

New Business Owner of the Year

Just being nominated for “New Business Owner of the Year” is a huge deal, but winning it is EPIC! Last month at our broker’s National Conference in New Orleans, the winner was announced. Yes, you guessed it; our CEO, Justin, took the win! Since Cape Reserve opened in March of 2016, we have expanded our client into 2 new markets and provided ongoing career opportunities for our team members, all while maintaining an excellent reputation and outstanding business ethics.

Consistency Award

In the marketing and sales industry, consistency is key. Companies may have a good month or quarter, but to consistently be a top performer over the course of an entire year is something to be recognized. To receive this award, a business must generate our client at least $20,000 week in the form of new customers for an entire year. Cape Reserve exceeded this qualification because of our explosive growth, our dedicated team of individuals, and our tenacious work ethic!

Rising Star

Rising Star is an exclusive event hosted by our brokerage firm. To attend the event, a company’s CEO must have helped the client expand into at least one new city by developing a new marketing/sales manager, continuously set the pace within the telecom sales industry, and consistently run a profitable, pace setting company. The CEOs that qualify as a Rising Star receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles, where they are treated to a stay at a mansion in Hollywood Hills, fine dining, social events, such as an LA Lakers game, and more! Not that we’re jealous or anything, but Justin, you’re a lucky man! 😉

President’s Club

The President’s Club is for the elite of the elite. A prestigious award, being a member of the President’s Club means that the business grossed over $30K per week – performing at the highest level known to our client that year. The President’s club is awarded cufflinks from Tiffany’s – a symbol of the level of quality that business operates under.

While each of these awards brings with it great pride, what keeps us motivated to perform at Cape Reserve is the love we have for our people and our genuine interest in their professional development. We know that by providing a corporate culture that is challenging, engaging, and team oriented, we will continue to attract Nashville’s top talent and run the #1 marketing & sales firm for our client. Until then, it’s back to the grind!

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