Meet Luke: From the Football Field, To the Office

In late September, our team had the pleasure of sitting down with Luke Goodson, one of our valuable account managers here at Cape Reserve. Cape Reserve is an innovative marketing and sales firm headquartered in Nashville. Goodson has been with the company since July of 2018 and has made huge strides in success since.

Goodson was born in Waco, Texas, and shortly moving to Peter Rapids, Iowa, where he would spend the remainder of his childhood. As the outgoing kid Goodson was, he could always be found running around with friends and playing sports. “I was always running around,” says Goodson, “I was hard to pin down- my parents would call me when the street lights came on.” After playing virtually every sport, in high school, the athlete split his time between the wrestling and football teams. Goodson credits much of his professional ability to those early years. “My time as an athlete gave me a strong work ethic,” says Goodson, “it showed me that you have to work as a team and be coachable. I learned how to take criticism and apply it, which is consistent with our business-don’t be afraid to put in the hours and do the work.”

After high school graduation, Goodson continued to play collegiate football for the University of Iowa, Minnesota State, and Iowa State University within his four collegiate years. “I learned so much,” says Goodson, “if you want to play sports at a high level, you need a strong character. You are under a microscope and completely exposed. Coming out onto the field in front of 80,000 screaming people- I am so grateful for that experience.” Goodson graduated with a bachelor’s degree in December of 2012 and started his first job as a sales rep through an industrial supplier company. During his two and a half years with the company, he found success managing a branch location with his own team. After a few years in that work, Goodson got the itch to move closer to family, in a place that offered a big city feel. “My family is from the Midwest,” says Goodson, “so I wanted to move somewhere that had both the small-town atmosphere with a big-city feel, so Nashville was the place.”

Goodson started with Cape Reserve on July 27th, 2018 with an immediate sense of motivation and drive. “I knew from my interview that it was a place that I would fit in,” says Goodson, “I love doing sales and the team held the same characteristics of high drive and athletic backgrounds. It was great to have a place that felt like home.” As for the culture at Cape Reserve, Goodson appreciates the upbeat atmosphere. “There is always music playing and people having fun,” says Goodson, “we have a ping pong table in the office.” The team knows how to have fun but maintains a competitive professional edge.

Goodson has learned a lot since his first day at Cape Reserve and has grown in strides since he started. “I learned that time is the ultimate currency,” says Goodson, “it’s the one thing we can never get back. You will never get back time, and that is what this opportunity is about- being able to completely control my time. If you’re willing to put in work, it will pay off.”

As for his goals, Goodson hopes to continue his own growth while supporting his team. “Its ‘one hand up one hand down’ sort of thing,” says Goodson, “While I am reaching up to further myself, I also continue helping those below me, so they can grow and move forward.” In the coming months, Goodson hopes to continue his growth as a sales rep and leader and eventually open up his own office. “I am extremely grateful for this opportunity,” says Goodson, “I don’t take what I’ve been given lightly, and I do everything I can to promote and shine a light on this organization.”



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